Big Screen TV

These days oil paintings often compete for space and attention with big screen TVs and this series plays with that reality. In this series titled, "Big Screen TV." I'm using my grid technique to highlight the digital.

Luke Wilson

This scene in Wes Anderson’s The Royal Tenenbaum’s depicts a classic moment of self-awareness in a mirror. There is something comic about the way there is a single stroke apparent in his shaving foam, but the character subsequently uses his razor to slash his wrist. 

36” x 36”

02-paintings and Rob Front show-56.jpg

The Birds

The down-turned look always reminds me of Vermeer. The foreshortening of Tippi Hedren’s head is very cinematic in this pose. The vibrant jewel-toned green takes one back to the 50s, while Hitchcock’s lighting shows his feeling for the Baroque. This is the moment in the movie where the main characters are barricaded in the house waiting for the next bird attack. Tippi Hedren is sitting on a couch while Rod Taylor is barricading the windows and doors.

36” x 48”

03-Rob's stuff-12.jpg

Funny FAce

In the 1957 Stanley Donen film, Funny Face, Audrey Hepburn works in an existentialist bookstore but is lured into the world of fashion by a photographer played by Fred Astaire. Because she wants to get to Paris to attend the lecture of a famous philosopher, she goes along with what Astaire wants. Here she’s sitting in the back seat of a taxi, transformed by elegant makeup and opulent blue dress. The colours in the rear window are carefully choreographed. The blues echo the colours in the dress and the single shot of red balances the red of her lips.

40” x 30”