I was initially drawn to fashion magazines as a still life object. I had been painting still lifes with vintage and antique books and after flipping through a magazine one day at the kitchen table, I wondered if a similar treatment could elevate this everyday object in a similar way. I’ve transformed the object by using my grid technique, scaling the object up, and critiquing the ephemerality and nature of a magazine in re-creating it square by square. Each square becomes an abstracted area. The overall effect evokes the digital, which is where most of these covers were found. 

Jean Shrimpton

This classic Vogue cover of Jean Shrimpton is from the early 1960s. She was the Kate Moss of her day.  

40” x 30”


This is Marilyn Monroe at the beginning of her career. Life  was a very popular magazine of photojournalism which would have been ubiquitous at the newsstands. This issue is from April 7, 1952. Today, you could buy it on eBay for between 10 and 60 dollars. 

Liz Benn

Liz Benn was a Canadian model who appeared on this vintage Vogue cover in July of 1953. The magazine at the time sold for 50 cents. The image epitomizes summer with the classical pose evoking Greek statuary. 

48” x 36”