Still Life

I spent 30 years painting still life until I started pursuing other subject matter a few years ago. I’d been waiting to have something new to say about flowers. 

Peonies and Roses

The various stages of opening peonies and roses is wonderful to paint. The purple-blue in the peonies and the cream-rust of the roses have been a lot of fun to concoct.

36” x 48”

Garden Bouquet

In this riotous bouquet, I brought in as many colours as possible. Cy Twombly’s late flower paintings were an inspiration with their energy and abandon. Flowers from the garden, exposed to sun and rain, transform beautifully in shape and colour.

36” x 48”

White Ranunculus

When you paint white flowers, you realize that they are composed of cream, green, blue, and grays. Describing the folds and volumes of these white ranunculus in a softer light was wonderfully challenging.

32” x 48”