Still Life

I spent 30 years painting still life until I started pursuing other subject matter a few years ago. I’d been waiting to have something new to say about flowers. 

Study for Winter Roses

I love white but it’s hard to model three dimensionally. I wanted to articulate the forms of the flowers so that the viewer could perceive the edges of the petals. Degas was one of the first artists to use radical cropping of forms in his paintings, influenced, no doubt, by photography. In this work the two central roses are complete with four other flowers partially showing. To me, this is dynamic and brings the viewer into the frame in ways that a more traditional bouquet composition might not.

30” x 30”

Garden Bouquet

In this riotous bouquet, I brought in as many colours as possible. Cy Twombly’s late flower paintings were an inspiration with their energy and abandon. Flowers from the garden, exposed to sun and rain, transform beautifully in shape and colour.

36” x 48”

Peony Bouquet

The composition in this painting is a bit different. The horizontal triangle culminates in the Japanese peony at the right of the canvas. I wanted to capture the various shades of cream and light pink on the fading flowers. I use a lot of different reds to achieve the cool or rosy pinks. My latest discovery/must-have colour is called vivid pink by the French brand Pebeo which is a brighter colour than the rose madder by Daler Rowney which I often use. Both of these are on the cooler side which you can’t really mix from a warmer red without losing the vibrancy. 

40” x 60”