Still Life

I spent 30 years painting still life until I started pursuing other subject matter a few years ago. I’ve been waiting to have something new to say about flowers. 

Antique Hydrangeas

I continue to be intrigued and excited by the shape of hydrangeas. Antique hydrangeas are special because they have been left out in the cold and this affects the colours of the petals. I’ve been inspired by Caravaggio to create something dramatic and bold in this painting.

Garden Roses II

The light in this painting is from a more overcast day and so the blues and greens are cooler which make a nice contrast to the reds. These are roses from our garden so the shapes are more irregular and they’ve been exposed to the sun and rain which make them more interesting to paint.

Blue Hydrangea

I love blue but I haven’t painted many blue flowers. I found subtle shades of blue, gray, cerulean, and cream in these ones.